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Ligiana Costa is a Brazilian dramaturg, singer, and composer with a distinguished academic background in musicology. She began her studies at the University of Brasília, Brazil, and went on to specialize in Baroque singing at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Netherlands. Ligiana holds a master's degree in Musical Philology from the Faculty of Musicology in Cremona, Italy, and a doctorate in Musicology from the University of Tours, France, and the University of Milan. Her doctoral thesis focused on the role of comic wet nurses in seventeenth-century Venetian opera.

Ligiana's contributions to musicology have been recognized through her published works with Editora da Unesp. In 2017, she completed a post-doctorate at the University of São Paulo (USP), and her research was published by Edusp, earning her the prestigious Flaiano Prize in Italy in 2018.

Currently, Ligiana works as a dramaturg, collaborating with independent directors and contributing to prestigious events such as the Amazonas Opera Festival and the São Paulo Municipal Theater. She is also involved with Compañia Estable in Colombia. As a creative artist, Ligiana continues to explore her talents as a singer and composer. Her most recent work, ”Sá, um oratório para a Terra," premiered in Brazil in 2023.
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