Ligiana Costa is a singer-songwriter and musicologist. Through her work she seeks an aesthetic that embraces both pop and experimental, as well as Brazilian traditions and Baroque music (as a musicologist, her specialty is baroque opera). 

After ten years of studying in Holland, Italy and France, with a PHD in musical dramaturgy by two European universities, she returned to Brazil where she dedicated herself to creation and research. Ligiana has released three solo albums and two albums with her acclaimed electronic music duo, NU (Naked Universe). 

She has performed at festivals in Italy, Bulgaria, Senegal, France, Germany and the United States. In 2020 she released the album Eva with musical production by Dan Maia. Eva is creatively arranged for voices, where each song has a women's name, brings the multiplicity of female voices in its essence, as well as being an urgent call for ecofeminism. 

The album was a critical success with the Brazilian press. She was recently invited to perform at  Namm's 2021 Global Livestream, the only Brazilian artist to do so.